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The style indicator will help consumers know what to expect when tasting the wine – a fresh style, with green apple and lime flavours, a more complex fruity wine with stone- and tropical fruit flavours, or a rich wine with baked pineapple and marmalade notes with creamy undertones.

Chenin Blanc is well known for its rich stylistic diversity, ranging from fresh and easy-drinking to full and rich with oak-barrel fermentation that makes for complex, powerful wines.

This diversity makes for food-friendly delicious wines, but does pose a challenge for the consumer standing in front of a shelf of Chenin wines – how can you be sure you buy the wine in the style you love?
The style indicator provides consumers with the crucial sensory information they need for knowing what they are buying.

The goal is to have a simple, consumer-friendly system for identifying how Chenin tastes.

Scroll through the images below, to view the different styles of Chenin Blanc on the aroma wheel. Click on the image to get more details about that style of wine.

Backsberg Chenin Label Slow Spin v.1.1.gif
StyleIndicator_with QR code.jpeg

Style indicator

For more information on the style indicator, please reference the press release or contact the CBA.  The artwork is available to all CBA members.

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