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Standard Bank
Chenin Blanc Challenge

Celebrating 10 years!


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The Chenin Blanc Association has been one of the earliest advocates for this remarkable grape which is planted more widely in South Africa than anywhere else in the world. For more than a decade it has been actively championing Chenin's potential to make exciting, delicious and uniquely South African wines. In 2014, with the generous support of Standard Bank, the association started an annual Chenin Blanc Top Ten Challenge. Its purpose is to identify and reward top Chenin winemaking in the country.

The organisers and sponsors recognise how important farm workers are to producing these winning wines. That's why every year the cash prize goes to every one of the top ten producers with the condition that the money is spent on projects to uplift or upskill farm workers, their families and their communities.
Since the start of the challenge, the winners have spent their prize money on a variety of projects to upskill and uplift farm workers, their families and communities. Creches have been established, as well as after-care facilities for school children. The strong emphasis on education spans early childhood learning programmes to tertiary training. Some winners have created libraries, computer rooms and other educational resources for their workers and communities. Another major beneficiary of prize money is the Pebbles Project. This NGO runs a suite of education, health, nutrition, community and protection programmes for hundreds of children in the Cape Winelands, from infants to school leavers. Pebbles also offers social services to combat foetal alcohol spectrum disorder and alcohol abuse. Other projects undertaken have included sustainable farming, accommodation, sporting and other recreational initiatives.

A story about how the Chenin Blanc Association works to support wine farm worker communities in the Winelands, with the generous support of Standard Bank.



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