Putting Chenin Blanc up there where it belongs

In the early 1990s, a few passionate producers started taking Chenin Blanc very seriously. On a visit to South Africa in 1995, Masters of Wine were amazed at how many good Chenin Blanc wines were being produced here. This added impetus to the idea of forming an organisation dedicated to the variety, the Chenin Blanc Association (CBA).

Cape Wine Masters organised a Chenin Blanc Symposium in the following year. An annual competition, the Chenin Blanc Challenge was instituted by the South African Wine magazine. The rising groundswell stimulated growers and winemakers to take a fresh look at this reliable variety. Their cumulative energies and passions are now being channelled through the CBA.

The association has an aim that is simply expressed - to ensure that South African Chenin Blanc takes its rightful place with the other great white wines of the world. This requires clear strategic thinking, innovative marketing, an intensive education programme for winemakers and consumers, and rigorous handling of the variety in the vineyard and in the cellar. The members of the CBA have set their sights high. But the prodigious passion and respect that exists in South Africa for this variety make it certain that the goal will be achieved.

The benefits are many ...

There are many benefits to being a member of the CBA. Among the advantages are access to cutting-edge research being conducted under the Association's auspices, being under the umbrella of a worldwide varietal marketing plan with few international equals, and being in the communications loop of a devoted group of professionals dedicated to Chenin Blanc.

Not so single-minded, however, that they've forgotten what Chenin Blanc is ultimately about - being the vinous life and soul of the party. 

2020 Chairmans Report

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For further information on membership or the Association, contact Ina Smith on +27 (0)82 467-4331 or alternatively click HERE to download the membership application form


Chenin Blanc Association of South Africa