drinking chenin blanc

Its versatility extends to a wide range of food dishes

Many wine drinkers tend to buy wine for immediate enjoyment. Fresh young Chenin Blanc wines answer this call admirably. These wines have seductive fresh fruit and delicate floral aromas and a host of fruit salad flavours, sometimes apple or melon, apricot, guava and pineapple, all backed by firm, crisp, natural acidity that make Chenin Blanc wines so perfectly balanced.

Oak introduces a great complexity of flavours and a richer mouth feel. Chenin Blanc rewards lengthy bottle maturation. The colour deepens to a gorgeous straw-gold, and honey and nuts are added to the palette of flavours.

Chenin Blanc's versatility extends to the range of food dishes with which it can be paired.

Dry styles will perk up full flavoured fish and chicken, Malay curries and other Pacific Rim cuisine, and will add zest to vegetarian dishes like stuffed marrows and aubergine bakes.

Sweeter styles match well with warm fruit desserts or tarts.

Quality bottle-matured Chenin Blanc is a perfect partner for ripe Brie and Camembert of course. On its own, its as good a companion as any!

Chenin Blanc Association of South Africa